Perfect People by Peter James Book Review 4/5


Peter James is a best selling writer, of whose books I have before now not had the pleasure of reading.

Perfect People is a stand alone thriller that revolves around the world of John and Naomi Klaesson. Both educated professionals, they are haunted by the tragic death of their only child, who died from a disease inherited from them. It becomes apparent that by naturally having more children the possibility of those children also inheriting this disease was extremely high.

The book follows John and Naomi as they desperately visit world expert and controversial scientist Dr Leo Dettore in order to conceive a genetically modified baby. The Klaesson’s hand their life savings and money from relatives over to Dettore in an attempt to have their next child born free of this disease. In the weeks leading up to the pregnancy, John and Naomi have to make many decisions which will no doubt shape and design their child, due to their desperation they unwittingly ignore warning signs that all is not well and that Dettore has a hidden agenda…

A gripping and intense read, intelligently written and a scary yet intriguing topic. This novel was well worth the read and despite having a slight break midway through the book due to other commitments, I later struggled to put the book down at all! The second half of the book has a faster pace and be prepared for some surprising twists to the story. The story includes many realistic questions of morality and explores varying reactions to the couples decision.


3 thoughts on “Perfect People by Peter James Book Review 4/5

  1. I would recommend giving this book a read. It is not a topic I have fully thought about previously, however the more I read the more I did debate the matter in my mind, as in the characters view they simply wanted a child that was healthy but did not think of the other consequences. Thanks for your comment.


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