MISSING YOU BY Harlan Coben Book Review

Missing You by Harlan Coben primarily follows the story of NYPD Detective Kat Donovan and her persistent yearning to discover the truth behind her fathers death.

As she continues to pursue niggling, unresolved questions she stumbles upon a web of lies that will unravel and expose many twists to the story. Donovan also ventures into the world of online dating and sees a familiar face from long ago, however after a visit from a teenager called Brandon who reports his mother missing, she soon comes to realise that all may not be as innocent as it seems…


Donovan is:

  • Determined to find out what happened to her father.
  • Has unresolved issues for her ex boyfriend which escalate upon her online dating discovery.
  • Lonely.
  • A skilled detective that connects the smallest of details.

We join the detective in her personal and professional journey as she uncovers the tragic truth behind her fathers death and also discovers a well plotted enterprise that lures unsuspecting victims away from their families for monetary gain.

The book also gives an insight into the lives of several people who joined the lonely hearts website to find love, only to experience the opposite.

What I liked:

  1. The twists to the plot aren’t all predictable and all loose ends are tied up nicely at the end of the book. Needless to say the Jigsaw puzzle nicely slots into place.
  2. The book enters the modern world of online dating but this has fatal consequences for those looking for love..
  3. The story follows several different characters lives but is well written, detailed and easy to follow, the characters are also true to their form throughout the book.
  4. The book is a page turner, if you are looking for an addictive I need to know what happens book – then this one is for you. There is plenty of suspense, surprises and secrets to be revealed.
  5. Donovan’s devotion to her father blinded her to things growing up which obviously questioned his lifestyle, I like the character development, realization and final acceptance, as love can blind us and mold people into who we believe them to be, sometimes we only see the good and miss the obvious.

What I disliked:

  1. The unrealistic, mild response Donovan expresses when she finds her fathers killer.
  2. Prior to being on leave from work, Donovan is not allocated any official detective work and seems to barely be at work at all. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was mentioned that she had just finished a case to make this part of the story seem plausible.

I’d give the book an easy 4/5 as I really enjoyed the read and this has encouraged me to try more books by the same author. Thank you for taking the time to read, I have tried to leave out any spoilers to avoid spoiling this wonderful book.


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