Writing your Family History…my dilemma!

After countless hours of research, writing up my family history feels like quite a daunting prospect, especially with the amount of information I have to collate on this particular genealogy line. Also, where does it end? For instance if I were to write up on my maternal, maternal side as planned, would I include all my great aunts family and great great uncles family being as I know so much! Or is that just going to complicate it for any future generations?

The plan was to share all my findings and collate the dates, names, places with the evidence, to show how I had come to the conclusion that my great grandfather was named such and such etc. I would also include stories, images, newspaper clippings…whatever I have found, to ensure the information is clearly stored somewhere and not lost or forgotten. It is there if it is ever needed.

Family history for me will always be an ongoing project, when is it best to get a book made, as I’ll undoubtably find more information as the years go on?

I’d love to hear from anyone who has researched their family tree and has put the information into a book, or toyed with the idea. Anyone have any advice?



7 thoughts on “Writing your Family History…my dilemma!

  1. Do Both. Sites Can Crash Or Go Out Of Business In The Future And Books Can Be Messed Up. Or If You Have Many Children And Their Descendants Split Apart Only One Side Will Have The Book Leaving The Rest With Nothing. This Is Why My Side Has No Pictures Or Many Family Documents. My Great Grandmother Moved And We Are Not Connected With The Side That Stayed In Their Home State And They Have The Family Pictures Etc. Post Information On A Blog, Book, Make A Family Website, And Get An Ancestry Account. My Half Aunts Family Has All Of Them And I Found An Amazing Deal Of Information For Her On Each Sites

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