End of an era

Today was a poignant day for me, moving out of the office I ‘ve worked in for the past 4 years. It isn’t just a regular business move, some people were made redundant others got to stay.

I had the opportunity to go to the new building in the countryside but I decided to move on and seek a new opportunity. Maybe a big mistake, or perhaps a new exciting adventure…either way working at T.P for the last 7 years has been an experience. There have been sad times, happy times, stressful and hilarious times. A really good bunch of people have came and gone, and I’ll miss them like they were family.

Sometimes we have to do things that are hard, sometimes we have to take risks…

I think it makes it harder that I do not get a “proper” goodbye, like all the other people that have moved on. As the new building is not ready yet…no internet, heating etc we’re all working from home until it is. My last day is the Christmas party which I won’t have time to/ plus I’m too anxious to attend. So I’ll be on my own, in the warm but without the customary hugs, good lucks. Not really proper closure.

It all sounds very melodramatic, but after 7 years in total working for a company under different ownership. A company that was rebuilt from the ground up during Administration. New faces, new friends, distant strangers. I was a shy, timid girl when I started working there. I still have no major confidence in myself but my development, progression and dedication have been noticed and appraised. I always want to progress, but it came too late… When you work hard, treat a business like it is your own and then make a decision to leave, it’s hard. We spend a lot of our lives in work and sometimes people become family.

Inevitably we always say we’ll meet up with people but we don’t…But I truly hope I stay in touch with a few people. Now to get the last 2 weeks over with and then move on.


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