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I haven’t written on here in a while, yet I love to write, ramble; it’s what I enjoy most. My life feels in a bit of a spiral at the moment, forgive me in advance if this post is too negative or miserable for you… In attempt to get myself back on track I’ve ultimately had to do a list which representatives the positive and negative changes that have taken place in my life recently. I feel I need to get this off my chest, my post is pretty informal, I’m treating this post as a diary entry…sorry nothing exciting.


  • I’m doing well on my degree, I am still awaiting the results of my first module but I’m heading in the right direction.
  • We’ve moved house, no more unwanted pests, we get home and relax!
  • We’re happy together, nearly 6 years and still happy, it feels good to have Mike in my life.
  • I’m in generally good health, not everyone I know is; therefore I’m thankful for this.


  • My job changed (Customer Service is now redundant), the pay is great however I feel that the extra travel will not help with my degree. Not only that…something tells me I’ll be bored, that it isn’t for me. Something in the pit of my stomach is urging me to leave despite the money…Stay = saving more for our own house, leaving = risking failure in another role, less money. Plus I feel constant guilt for even having this job opportunity when my colleagues do not! My head is a mess over this! I know I should be grateful.
  • I’m 27, yet I do not feel like I have achieved a great deal. I want to have my own house and start a family while I’m young…but I’ve been wanting a mortgage for about 5 years now, money seems to be the root cause of a lot of my issues.
  • I don’t know where I’ll be in a couple of years…job, family, house, anything. Surely I should have some idea by now?
  • I’m still insecure in my looks and have the same feelings I had when I was 18, but I cannot change the things I hate about myself.

Perhaps I need to do a plan, but every time I try my brain doesn’t seem to function. Back to the drawing board…I need to sort myself out.


Visiting London and Exploring the Museums, with Pictures.

Visiting London is very exciting especially if you haven’t been before, like myself for instance. Last week my partner and I stayed in London for three nights, staying at the St Pancras Premier Inn in Euston. (Highly recommended!) Arriving on the afternoon of Sunday the 6th of September, we took the time to have a look at our surroundings, (eating spots and otherwise). Staying in Euston has its pros and cons. Mostly pros. There is plenty to see and do, something for everyone!

Theatre – If you enjoy Plays or Musicals it isn’t necessary to be located in the centre of London to enjoy these, there are plenty of small theatres dotted around the area. I’d recommend having a look at What’s On prior to booking a trip, if you plan it well you’ll be able to do your sight-seeing in the day and enjoy the productions of your choice at night. Theatres located near to the Premier Inn, in postcode NW1 2RA are:

http://www.thebloomsbury.com/ (Closed until 2015)



http://openairtheatre.com/  (Open May to September) (We have planned to visit here next time around.)

The Natural History Museum – This was the first museum we visited. Overall opinion was interesting, informative, plenty to see and do. A lot to take in at once. I’d recommend with all the museums comfortable footwear i.e trainers, not converse! It’s a real spoiler if you spend most the time trying to find a bench to rest your aching feet!

The Natural History Museum has quite a selection. Unfortunately at the time of our visit the main part we wanted to see was closed, which was the Blue Zone. However I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  The Volcano and Earthquake section was full of expansive information. There are videos, photographs, objects melted by lava flows, heat suits, casts of victims and even a real life simulator of what is feels like to be in an Earthquake, we were very impressed.

The main exhibition that most people may visit the Natural History Museum for would be the Dinosaur section. The remains are not just behind glass cases, they are reconstructed and fixed into position – so you can see for yourself the great magnitude of these amazing creatures. The Skeletal remains are casts of the original, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. We took quite a few pictures here and it was pretty much unbelievable to see everything up close. You can watch a documentary on the television but to be there, where the bones actually are in front of your eyes, you almost wonder – is it a trick? How could something so amazing and huge ever have existed!

Further into this section there was also a very realistic and moving T-Rex, we did not hear the roar but maybe that was for the best, as all the children looked terrified!

Later we stopped for a bite to eat in the cafe. It was no doubt pricey but the food was delicious, I also could not eat it all! The staff were very friendly and the area was squeaky clean.

Banana Split


  • As I discovered with all the museums, they are not free entry as stated and I would recommend putting the costs of visiting the museums into your budget when in London. As you enter there are recommended donations that you have to give, these seem to be non-optional! I only had £4.00 in cash, but we were told we needed to give at least £6.00 to get in hence I paid by card. This was a little disappointing as I would rather have spent £10.00 on a book or ornament in the gift shop later that day.
  • Everything seems very spaced out, you could spend hours walking around the museum but partially because there are big open spaces between the different sections. One of these main sections had a whole hallway of empty cabinets and coming soon July 2015, when it was September.
  •  I saw a couple of tourists ahead of us ask a worker what time The Blue Zone opened, and she quite impatiently stated “It is closed.” She was not very polite to them and I noticed as we passed that she actually stood in front of the sign that said it was closed for maintenance until October. We had no problem with the closure, we were disappointed but if work has to be done we respect that, but you’d hope to meet a friendly face when inquiring.

Natural History Museum DSCF2291 DSCF2290  147  144 18 17 16 13 12 9 7 6 5 Dinosaur8101213 4 Inside Main hall part of Dinosaur 2 3 Inside Main hall, part of Dinosaur

The Science Museum

The least interesting place out of the museums, however I would visit again. A lot of the areas were closed or under construction. The place was extremely spaced out and not many seats. The most interesting part of this Museum was the planes. I was a little disappointed that we reached the end very quickly. I have taken a few photographs of the areas of interest. Perhaps the museum will be better when the construction / re-organizing work has been completed.

DSCF2293  DSCF2296 DSCF2297 DSCF2298 DSCF2299 DSCF2300  DSCF2302

Imperial Museum – More than just bombs and weapons, much more.

My second favourite Museum. Spectacular place, lots of history and information packed under one roof. What made the trip more interesting for me was the large amount of items on display. Military history is far from my strong point, my partner may be able to recognise one plane, tank, machine, from another but I certainty cannot. However I did learn a fair few things on this trip and being able to see the items rather than just look at pictures made it all the more worthwhile.

The most interesting section from memory would be the Spy section. A whole area dedicated to the MI15 and how until recently a lot of the information was confidential.  It is all very James Bond, however the truth behind it. There are sections on gadgets, equipment, weapons, plan of actions. Also detailed accounts of actual spies, (female and male!) and how their actions helped shape our and protect our future.

The weapons on display are also scary and exciting at the same time. I found the bombs very daunting.

DSCF2304 DSCF2305 DSCF2306 DSCF2307 DSCF2308 DSCF2309 DSCF2310 DSCF2311 DSCF2313 DSCF2314  DSCF2316  DSCF2318  DSCF2320 DSCF2321 DSCF2322 DSCF2324 DSCF2325 DSCF2328 DSCF2329 DSCF2331 DSCF2332 DSCF2334 DSCF2335 DSCF2336 DSCF2337 DSCF2338 DSCF2339 DSCF2340

British Museum

This is my favourite museum! When I return to London I am going to visit here first and spend all day in this amazing place. I love anything Egyptian and I enjoy History, I also find learning about different cultures fascinating. Unfortunately as this was the forth museum we had visited within a day and a half we were pretty shattered, I got to explore a little, but I only saw a small percentage of what is available. We explored the main two areas that interested us, with the time we had left.

The Japanese section was unique, some of the statues were so detailed, the estimated dates of origin shocked me as with the Egyptian artifacts, they were so well preserved.  The whole museum is just oozing with history and beauty. If your native tongue isn’t English, don’t despair as they have multiple tour guides to help cover the different language barriers. I cannot wait to visit again and have the time to go on a tour, having overheard part of one they really do know their stuff and are ready to answer any questions you may have! A tour will give a much better understanding of what you are looking at and will also save you from having to read never-ending descriptions, especially if you find it hard to take in masses of information in one go. You’ll also get to learn fun / intriguing facts that are not mentioned on the display cases.

The Egyptian section:

If you like Egyptian artifacts, documentaries, mummies, the culture, then this is your Egyptian heaven. Forgive any of my pictures that are hindered by reflective lighting, as the colour and detail to these artifacts is a rare gem that you must see in person. Everywhere you turn there are mummy cases, masks, portraits, other items that would have been buried within a tomb. There are also sections on Early Egyptian life, details of the complex burial rituals that would have to be adhered to, to ensure passage to the afterlife. It gives us an insight into the lives that these people would have led, their belief system which structured their lives. Modern technology such as CT scans has also given historians the opportunity to discover more about the mummification process while still preserving these important discoveries.

British Museum DSCF2380 DSCF2381 DSCF2385 DSCF2386 DSCF2388 DSCF2390 DSCF2391 DSCF2396 DSCF2397 DSCF2400 DSCF2401 DSCF2403 DSCF2405 DSCF2404 DSCF2414 DSCF2420 DSCF2418 DSCF2421 DSCF2422 DSCF2423 DSCF2431 DSCF2432 DSCF2434 DSCF2435 DSCF2436 DSCF2437 DSCF2438 DSCF2440 DSCF2439 DSCF2441 DSCF2442 DSCF2443 DSCF2444 DSCF2445 DSCF2446 DSCF2447 DSCF2398 DSCF2399 DSCF2402 DSCF2417

British Library

I visited the British Library on the morning we were due to leave, as it was directly opposite the Premier Inn. I visited purely to see the Magna Carta and was pleasantly surprised to see other intriguing documents on display. There were original letters from notable individuals such as Henry the 8th, Florence Nightingale, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Isaac Newton, Lewis Carroll and many more. There is also a gift shop on site which has unique gifts and a wide array of books to purchase. A short but enjoyable visit.

DSCF2448 DSCF2449 DSCF2450

General out and about photographs:

DSCF2348 DSCF2350 DSCF2355 DSCF2356 DSCF2365 DSCF2367 DSCF2369 DSCF2373 DSCF2375


Welcome to my Blog, a place I plan to come to several times a week to express and share my feelings, thoughts and ideas. I also wish to share my articles, poetry and interests.

I love to write, however I feel I am out of much needed practise as I have unfortunately neglected this for quite some time. My other hobbies include Reading, Baking, Genealogy, Social & Ancient History, Animals, Computer Gaming and on occasion a little sport such as Tennis or Badminton. I do watch a little television however I mostly watch catch up on Netflix. I work Monday to Friday and try to use any spare time to balance my social time with my personal time. I hope to develop my writing skills and also broaden my knowledge on various subjects to provide more thought provoking and insightful articles.

If you come across any articles which you like I’d be grateful for comments and love to hear from you.

Over and out!!