Easter Weekend

Easter is nearly upon us…


I am extremely excited for Easter this year, I will admit although religion interests me – I am not particularly religious, but the thought of having a long weekend off work with pure relaxation and indulging on chocolate couldn’t come at a better time and is music to my ears!

I went shopping today and bought a Bundt cake mould which I am planning to use on Saturday. I’ll be sharing the pictures of the Babka cake if it turns out well enough. šŸ™‚ We also decided to skip on the Easter Eggs and purchaseĀ tons of chocolate for the same price of a few large eggs. I may be morbidly obese by next week, or diabetic…tons of walking will be needed! Haha I really can’t see us eating all that though!

I’m also looking forward to reading more of Insurgent by Veronica Roth, watching more Breaking Bad and perhaps a little creative writing is in order. My brother will be visiting and I’ll get plenty more family / boyfriend time so everything will be perfect.

Whatever you are up to this weekend Ā – ENJOY!

bundt image