My First attempt at …

…using Roll out Icing and also decorating a cake!

To try to improve and gain confidence / skill with baking cakes, I’ve decided to make it a routine on relatives birthdays to bake something new. So here is my first attempt for my sisters 30th, a simple sponge cake covered with icing and Strawberry Jam in the middle. It tasted great!




Easy – no fuss, tasty pancakes!

We all love Pancakes and they shouldn’t be reserved for just Shrove Tuesday, I regrettably purchased a bottle of ready-made pancake mix in February and it was awful, you just can’t beat the real thing!


Pancakes are also good to make if you haven’t done your food shopping and need a quick and tasty meal, you can use all kinds of ingredients to create tasty variations but for today I’ve included a no fuss super easy recipe!

Ingredients: 110g Plain Flour, 200ml whole milk, (use semi skimmed if preferred)  50g butter, pinch of salt. 2 large eggs.

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1) First, sift all of your flour into a bowl adding a pinch of salt.

2) Then make a well in the centre and add the two eggs.

3) Whisk well with an electric or hand whisk, as the mixture starts to thicken gradually add the milk.

4) Melt the butter in a pan on the hob, or alternatively microwave on a medium heat for up to a minute until melted.

5) Add the butter to the mix and continue to whisk until smooth and free of lumps.

6) Put the frying pan on the hob with a drop of olive oil, use a kitchen paper towel to smother this before the pan gets too hot, then turn up the heat! Meanwhile pour the mixture from the bowl into a jug to make pouring easier.

7) As soon as the pan is hot pour in the mixture for your first pancake and tip the pan from side to side so that the base is evenly covered in mixture.

8) It will take half or a full minute to cook depending on how much mixture you have used, use a pallet knife to lift the edge if you aren’t sure before attempting to flip. The pancake will turn a tinged gold.

Once flipped cook for up to half a minute more before serving on a plate with your choice of accompaniment. I love Strawberry jam and sugar in the middle but my boyfriend prefers Lemon juice 🙂

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Gołąbki …Polish Cabbage Rolls


This weekend I decided to attempt to cook Gołąbki for my father, having never tasted this before I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. It was a great experience trying to cook something new..the only reason I will not share the recipe on this occasion is because the one included in my Polish Cook Book wasn’t the best and left out some major when to add the Buckwheat or what type of cabbage to use.

The meal was nice and strange at the same time, I’ve never tried anything quite like it before! The Buckwheat was also a new experience on me, I am not sure if I am keen on it, but I don’t detest it! The cabbage and tomato juices blended well and added more flavour to the meat. I believe using a different type of cabbage as per the recipes online would perfect this. I may also use rice next time. Once I have tried an alternative recipe I’ll be sure to add all the details and final result on here!

In the meanwhile, if you get the chance to try it I’d definitely give this a go. Use Savoy Cabbage and if you don’t like Buckwheat try using rice. There are plenty of recipes available online which vary from one to another and I’ll be sure to add mine onto here once I have found the perfect combination.

If you have cooked this before I’d love to hear from you 🙂 Experimenting is exciting, you never know what new meal will become your favourite.

Thanks for reading!

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