Memories from my childhood – My Nan & The Figurines.

When I was a little, curious girl,

My nanny had a collection of treasured figurines sat upon her mantle.

These were lined up in a row, three animals, a well-dressed lady with a bucket in tow.


Further to the left there was a large white well, with several small stone steps and a hanging rope,

When I was a child I’d often glance over and question why, the figures sometimes, seemed to change positions overnight,

My nanny would look at me in her usual mischievous way,  “They’re queuing for water from the well today.”


Another day I’d look once more, with hopeful eyes and a keen eagerness to know more,

“But Nan today they’re all facing the wrong way?”

She looked to me and simply said, “There is no more water at the well today. They will have to go home and come back again.”


As years went by there would remain, those same three figurines sat upon her living room mantle piece.

When she passed on I remember sitting in her chair and looking up at the memory, that we used to share,

“Nan, They’ve reached the well today,” I said, so very quietly so no one else would hear. It was such a sad day, as we visited to help empty what had been her home, but this small set of figures, that had not moved since her demise,  brought tears to my eyes but a smile to my face.


– I wrote the above piece, in memory of my Nan Doris Rolls. I was sat at home recently and this memory came flooding back to me out of nowhere, the impact hit me hard emotionally. How could I forget one of the many memories I had as a child with my Nan? I vowed never to forget this again, however insignificant and small this may seem to others, I hold it close to my heart. I do not know what happened to all of the figures, but from memory there were three. One sits on a shelf at my parents home. My Nan used to spend hours telling me stories, and I will always be thankful for the time that we shared.

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