The House Martin – What to do with young birds that fall from the nest?

Video to watch :

My parents were leaving home yesterday and noticed two small House Martin’s by the road leading away from their house. At the time they left them, incase the mother returned for them. Having taken in baby birds before my parents had soon come to learn that sometimes the mother will return and it is best not to interfere.

Later once they arrived back home they felt more and more guilty after reading that as House Martin’s have to take off from a high height the small birds may not survive if the Mother cannot land, they were also worried the local family of magpies may have decided to have an early supper if they spotted one. After searching the street and asking permission to check a couple of the neighbouring gardens they managed to find one, the other having disappeared (hopefully to safety..)

They are currently looking after the bird until they can get in touch with the nearest bird rescue centre tomorrow, then they will ask for the best advice about what to do. I have to say I was shocked after reading up on the birds that some people will knock them from their nests if they are nesting under their gutter, I mean how cruel can people be!? Needless to say my parents are currently checking on the bird every hour and feeding it regularly. They are also handling it to a minimum. Hopefully they will be able to set it free. Please see the top of my post for a link to the video of the bird being fed. The below picture is of a House Martin but not of the one my parents are looking after, I did not want to take a picture incase the flash on my phone scared it.