Carding Mill Valley, Shropshire Hills. (United Kingdom)

This week my boyfriend and I decided to have a very long weekend and book Friday and the following Monday off work. We do not get the opportunity to go out often with working full time and we are usually too exhausted to visit anywhere by the time the weekend arrives, but we really enjoyed our day trip to the Shropshire Hills!

I drove to Carding Mill Valley and we got there fine without any hiccups, it is only an hour away from our location and all A roads which put my mind at ease. Having never visited Carding Mill Valley before I would recommend it to anyone that likes to see beautiful scenery and enjoys walking trails that are available for all athletic abilities.

Upon arrival we parked in the first space I spotted, next time I will drive down closer to the Cafe as after a few hours of walking we were dragging our feet back to the car! In the car park there is a board with four different leaflets you can take, These are replenished throughout the day. There are three different trails, an easy, medium and advanced. I have to admit we went off trail and went exploring, Mike spotted a big hill and basically wanted to go to the top of it! It did not look that intimidating or far away but it was, and being as unfit as I am I had to stop several times for a break. When we reached the top it was beautiful, there were shrubs of all different kinds, little birds tweeting and diving in them and of course lots of unwanted additions, (sheep poo!). I did find a spot to lie down and have a break and look up at the sky. It is so nice to be away from noise, cars and other distractions and just feel like you are in the middle of no-where.

We could not climb back down the way we had climbed as it was too steep, so we did wonder through the shrubs for a while trying to find a way down, it was clear not many people go to the area we did as the only trails seem to be made by sheep. Once we did find a way down we went past beautiful streams and ended up climbing down the side of a small waterfall. (Yes, I did nearly fall once!)

It was a lovely day out and I’d recommend it to anyone who lives in England and is local to the Shropshire area.

Chillin after climbing
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omgsheep Prettyview Steps Waterfall