Welcome to my Blog, a place I plan to come to several times a week to express and share my feelings, thoughts and ideas. I also wish to share my articles, poetry and interests.

I love to write, however I feel I am out of much needed practise as I have unfortunately neglected this for quite some time. My other hobbies include Reading, Baking, Genealogy, Social & Ancient History, Animals, Computer Gaming and on occasion a little sport such as Tennis or Badminton. I do watch a little television however I mostly watch catch up on Netflix. I work Monday to Friday and try to use any spare time to balance my social time with my personal time. I hope to develop my writing skills and also broaden my knowledge on various subjects to provide more thought provoking and insightful articles.

If you come across any articles which you like I’d be grateful for comments and love to hear from you.

Over and out!!